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made in tasmania

We love being able to help out other Tasmanian artists, showing the world their creations whilst keeping the standard of quality high. As we partner together, they are then capable of continuing to focus on their products and creativity. 

March 2020 proved to be a time of innovation for many tourism fueled Tasmanian businesses. Timber product makers Bruce and Craig decided that the only way to continue being able to put their work out was to go online, as they worked through many ideas of how to make this possible, Peter Harback owner of Coolthings Australia an online retail store, extended the idea of his business managing the online areas, so that Bruce and Craig could continue making their products. They agreed and Tasnique was born.

 A serial digital maker, Peter is fantastic at seeing the potential of selling products online. He loves supporting and teaming up with other Tasmanian business. He is able to use Tasnique as a platform to promote high quality products. Whilst still making sure creative artists all over Tasmania are able to focus on their business andf artistic side. 

If you're a Tasmanian maker or manufacturer of high quality products we would love to hear from you about displaying your products on Tasnique. Please feel welcome to contact us here for more information.