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Tasmanian Blackwood

Tasmanian Blackwood is a very smooth timber, all blackwood boxes have an even polished finish. Our artisians love using blackwood to produce a stunning range of colours, for every wooden box has a subtle beauty that you can't resist.

This Timber is a well known type of wattle and it thrives in the swampy areas of Northern Tasmania. What makes this timber so different is the grain, our Blackwood Boxes either have a wavy or straight grain. Each timber board used to make these boxes is of the best quality, sustainably sourced and chosen specifically for you 

Due to the quality and durability of this particular wood, we have an impressive assortment of Tasmanian Blackwood products. as part of our Blackwood range we offer a variety of jewllery boxes, grazing platters, gift boxes and card boxes.

Similar to our other timber products, these goods are fairly easy to look after. Avoid harsh soaps and hot water. instead clean gently with a damp cloth and soft soap to remove dirt and light stains. 

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