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huon pine

Huon Pine is a beautiful wood with its distinct smell and variety in colours, often ranging from a yellow to a creamy white it is a soft wood and is the most durable of Australian timbers. The wood gives off a pleasant unique smell because of its natural oil content which also acts as an organic insect and fungal repellent 

At the focus of all our boxes is consistency of quality. Each huon pine box is complete with a fine, lustre finsh. Regardless of the occasion, our handcrafted designs are the perfect gift. Each box is lined with a soft suede to suit the elegance and class your home deserves

Huon Pine wood is a unique timber, it is native to the southwestern area of Tasmania. We love to use huon pine becuase of its durability and smooth consistency, We strive to make sure each piece of huon pine timber has been sustainabily sourced and grown, to ensure safety of mind our artisians handpick each timber piece.

Each box is quite easy to clean and look after, avoid washing with harsh soaps and hot water. instead gently wipe with a soft cloth to remove any dirt or light stains.